Linking Wales and south West England

Monday, December 9, 2019

When we travelled from Gradsouthwest's home to Wales to talk to students at the southern Welsh Universities we were often presenting them with jobs 'across the bridge in Bristol'. However, we also spoke with many a homesick welsh student in the south west of England wanting to return to Wales. The result of these conversations was the launch of GradWales and a close relationship between the sister graduate recruitment sites to enable this flow of students and graduates between the two areas via easy access to graduate level jobs.

The key link to this flow were the bridges between them. When the bridges became toll free everyone predicted a growth in people commuting in both directions. A year later and the impact is clear: 

  • Journeys on the westbound carriageway on the Prince of Wales Bridge have increased by 16% in the year since the tolls were removed.
  • An average of more than 39,000 journeys are being made each day, up from less than 34,000 per day in 2018 when the £5.60 charge was still in place.
  • Highways England said traffic rose by about 32% on the M48 Bridge, but exact figures were not available.

So if you are looking to work in the "Western Gateway" then Gradsouthwest and GradWales are the key sites for you to find your graduate job - whichever side of the bridge you want to live or work.