Graduate Job Options

Once you've graduated, there are a number of career option open to you in the job market including:
  • graduate jobs
  • graduate schemes
  • internships / placements

Graduate jobs

We advertise hundreds of graduate jobs and graduate schemes every year - take a look at our current graduate jobs!

We also provide our Recruiter Directory of  companies that have previously recruited with us.  As we are a new service this is very much early days with the Directory, but it will grow in time.

Graduate recruitment schemes

Take a look at our guide to graduate schemes

Internships / placements

Graduate internships and placements have become increasingly popular in recent years. When well-planned and supported, they are a great way to:

  • Get hands on experience
  • Apply and develop a range of skills
  • Try out different career options
  • Build skills, experience and employability
  • Assume real responsibility in the workplace

We advertise paid internships here on GradWales. You'll find them listed in with our graduate jobs. In addition, there are a number of graduate internship and placement schemes operating through universities and other bodies.

Graduate internships have been hotly debated in recent times. We believe that graduate talent should be valued and that you should be paid for the work you do. This is why we only advertise internships that are paid at national minimum wage or more. You can find out more about employment rights for interns at the Government website.